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Affordable Sunglasses that Don’t Compromise on Style or Protection

Inexpensive sunglasses are easy to find. But finding affordable sunglasses that don’t compromise on style or protection is another matter. While it may seem that the most stylish brands are also the most expensive, that is not true in all cases. What follows are a few select choices that offer considerable style while still fitting within your budget.

The Aviators Sunglasses

The classic aviators sunglasses which include the Original Pilot series has been a standard since its introduction in 1958. Designed primarily for practicality, the polarized lenses not only greatly reduce glare, but also provide full ultraviolet protection.
Plus, they are a stylish choice that works well in most situations. The timeless look of classic aviators is always a good choice.
Aviators Sunglasses

Saratoga Frames

The stylish, squarish frames of Saratoga sunglasses seem quite modern and even futuristic in some ways. Yet they have a style that dates back decades. Perhaps most famously associated with President Kennedy from the Camelot years, Saratoga frames come in different colors that is perfect for everyday wear.
Saratoga Frames

Air Heart Sunglasses

The Le Specs brand has been seen quite a bit on the runway and with celebrities such as Olivia Palermo to name just one. The large, cat’s eye lenses are perfectly complimented by the extended brow which enhances the overall look. Available in oatmeal, tortoise shell, and caramel coloring, it is the classic black which has garnered the most attention.

Flynn Sunglasses

Another retro design that has a modern feel, the Flynn sunglasses are quite bold, just like the actor Errol Flynn for whom the glasses are named. Stylish and offering considerable protection, the sunglasses are both affordable and some come with side inserts that block the light that comes from outside the lenses.
Flynn Sunglasses

Oxford Sunglasses

Another timeless, inexpensive type of sunglasses, the classic round shapes evoke a decidedly retro vibe. The large lenses complete with full UV protection will make you feel like one of The Beatles. But they are also futuristic, which makes them an excellent choice for many different occasions. You will certainly get attention by sporting a pair of these sunglasses.

Indy Liotta Sunglasses

The cool, sleek style represents a unique take on the classic 1970s aviators, the Indy Liotta brand has made a name for itself thanks to the remarkable line of sunglasses made from environmentally friendly materials. While the sunglasses are not well-suited for all occasions, they do stand out and help to make those who wear them stand out as well.
Indy Liotta Sunglasses

Sunglasses to Avoid

In shopping for the perfect affordable sunglasses, you’ll want to avoid any product that lacks full UV protection. The damaging ultraviolet rays can hurt your eyes significantly over time, so be sure to get only the sunglasses that provide the proper protection.
Plus, you want to avoid sunglasses that only offer small coverage, such as the thin cat’s eye products or sunglasses that have been scratched.

You can find affordable sunglasses that don’t compromise on style or protection if you shop around for the best prices. Be sure to take your time, so that you find the right pair that provides full protection and enhances your style.