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Top 5 Best Selling Sportswear Brands in 2024

With so many established sportswear brands such as Nike, Puma, and New Balance, it may seem like new brands are nowhere to be found. And that’s not because sportswear brands are few and far between. Quite the contrary, there is a plethora of sportswear brands that dot the industry. It’s just that most of them fizzle after a few years once their hotness has cooled.

However, there are more than a few smaller brands that are making headlines. These brands are making waves mostly on the backs of famous athletes and celebrities who are market-savvy. What follows is the top 5 best selling sportswear brands that are on the rise.

Brady Brand
It may seem natural that retired quarterback legend Tom Brady was starting his own sportswear line. And it is probably no surprise that it is becoming quite successful as well. One reason for the success was due to Brady signing several up and coming college athletes to NIL deals. But another is the stylish clothing that comes from the company.

Curry Brand
Being a multi-champion in the NBA, Stephon Curry originally signed with Under Armour back in 2013. But seven years later developed his own brand. Combining footwear and apparel, the Curry Brand has accelerated considerably in terms of its popularity. It also helps that Curry himself has amplified his legend both on and off the court with his continued presence.

Greatness Wins
Founded by Derek Jeter, Misty Copeland, and Chris Riccobono, this brand stands out not only for the talent behind the products, but the quality and durability of the sportswear itself. It does help that the company has garnered rising talent such as Blake Corum out of Michigan to help promote the brand. However, it is the innovative marketing and high visibility that makes Greatness Wins a real competitor in the marketplace.

Original Penguin
Seems like an odd choice to be on a list with brands that are only a few years old. Original Penguin came out in 1955, but today it is all over the sports world. Featured on many top athletes in different sports with tennis being quite prominent. However, its most famous proponent was also one of the first. Arnold Palmer started wearing Original Penguin during his legendary run.
The sportswear itself is distinguished by the Original Penguin logo and the bold color choices that make it both sleek and sporty.

You can probably predict that any company featuring Kim Kardashian is going to become quite prominent, even in sportswear. From its founding in 2019, Skims has rocketed towards astonishing sales of over $4 billion. Skims went on to partner with the NBA and have now become bigger than ever. It would be quite the accomplishment for most people, but Kim Kardashian has done this type of thing before.

While the rise of the top 5 best selling sportswear brands may not have the longevity as more established brands, what can be said is that they do have the momentum today to make a big splash in sportswear and beyond.