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What Type of Watch Fits Your Style?

When shopping for a watch, one of the most frequently asked questions is what type of watch fits your style? The answer really depends on what activities you engage with that creates the need for a watch to match your wardrobe. While there may not be a single type of watch which is suitable for all types of events, there are styles of watches that can match most of your needs.

What follows are a few situations and types of watches that work best. This means matching the watch with the wardrobe you are wearing.


Interestingly, formal events generally eschew the wearing of watches. In some circles it is considered rude and unfashionable. However, the type of watch that works best is the simplest. A classic dress watch complete with black leather band is the perfect choice to match your suit and tie. It is important to keep it simple and clean, so choose a classy, straightforward watch with few features.
Formal Watch
TIMEX watches

Business Dress

Here, you can expand your choices of watches by going with gold or silver. However, you should keep the thin dial and few if any complications. The key again is simplicity that matches your attire but does not distract from your appearance. For example, a dark business suit goes well with a classic dress watch. Even a diver watch with a leather strap is a good choice.
Business Watch

Business Casual

A field watch works well with a light-colored suit, especially a Seersucker suit that has a light blue tone. Keep in mind that business casual means suits with no ties, so you’ll want a watch that also shows off that type of look. Perhaps a pilot watch or if you have more money to spend, a high-end Chrono watch works quite well.
Business Casual Watch


Metal bands are considered less formal compared to leather bands, so think about watches with metal bands when going casual. However, a leather band does work as well if you want to limit the number of watches that you own.
Standard watches go well when you are wearing a chambray shirt, dress boots, and jeans. If you have a digital watch, then think along the lines of all causal clothing or perhaps workout attire. Shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers are perfect for digital watches.
Fossil Casual Watch
Casual Watches

Sports & Activities

Here, the function and robust design is more important than the actual style. You want a watch that has a strong band, thick crystal, and is durable enough to stay on during all your activities. When in doubt, take off the watch beforehand so you do not break it.

Garmin Watch
GARMIN watches

Understanding what type of watch fits your style means knowing your style, your wardrobe, and what type of events you are most likely to participate in.

Once you have achieved that, then you can find a watch or perhaps two different types of watches that best suit your needs. Keep in mind that for casual and sportswear, a cheaper digital watch may be the best. While you can purchase a more expensive dress watch for formal or business dress occasions